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dog training at smakwater and sprezzatura

Laura McCarthy training


At Smakwater and Sprezzatura, we specialize in basic obedience training for both the companion dog and sporting dog. In addition, we offer advanced training for those who are interested in more precise and demanding tasks. The objective of our training program is to build attentiveness and reliability so that the response to each command is a concise action performed with eagerness. During our behavior shaping process, we teach the dog to choose to perform an action that is made easy to do so followed by positive reinforcement, and with minimum correction. In our program, each client dog is evaluated individually, and then prescribed according to the owner’s request and the dog’s ability.
Basic obedience training responses are sit, stay, here, and heel. More Advanced training responses may include fetch, hold, give, down, back, over, whistle sit, whistle here, place, left and right over hand signals, left and right back hand signals, come in hand signals, and water work.
In most cases, basic obedience responses can be accomplished from within 4 to 6 weeks. Advanced training is more subjective, and thus requires a minimum commitment of 12 weeks that may be cancelled at any time the training surpasses a dog’s ability. Cancellation refunds are prorated on a weekly basis.

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