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Bred, Owned and Trained by John and Laura McCarthy.

966 Fletcher Lane, Suite A
Stevensville, MT 59870
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conditioning sporting dogs


conditioning dog

Whether your dog is recovering from an injury, overweight, or just plain out of shape, Smakwater and Sprezzatura will work with you and your veterinarian in order to improve your dog’s health and physical condition by implementing, and monitoring an individually defined program.

black lab at conditioning grounds montana

Schedule and Fees

Please call for reservations (406) 207-3515
Dietary implementation $10.00/Day
Prescribed physical conditioning $10.00/Day

Note: All fees for conditioning are in addition to boarding costs. Owners are responsible to provide or pay for special foods, supplements, and equipment. Above costs are based on reasonable requests that include, but is not limited to special food preparation, replacement of bandages, and supervised exercise.